Fun at Home Ideas for You and Your Spouse

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve been loving this quality time that my husband and I have had at home together. We’ve been trying to look for things to be thankful for right now, and this is a main one for us. My love language is quality time, and before this quarantine life was very busy and fast-paced, which made our quality time come second to a lot of things. We now feel like our time together has been refreshed.

I know some of you may be like us though and are running out of things to do… So I asked a couple of my married friends what they have been doing at home with their spouses and I think you’ll love these ideas as much as I did:

-Plant a garden and take care of it each day together
-Look for ways to bless others- ex. support small business, write cards, give out roses to your friends
-Workout together
-Go on walks or bike rides
-Do puzzles
-Play board games
-Make breakfast in bed
-Plan date nights at home
-Have quiet times together
-Play 20 questions to keep learning about your spouse
-Make new meals together
-Adopt a pet
-Do yard work
-Teach your dog new tricks
-Make a DIY wooden table
-Have a Marvel movie marathon
-Start a new Netflix series
-Start a marriage book together
-Have a backyard BBQ
-Finish or start house projects
-Organize the house (which is more fun together 😉 )
-Make a list of your dreams

Written by: Jess Conley 

Photo by: Tiffany McClure Photography

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