Encouragement from our Couples During this Rescheduling Season

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We know you never imagined having to reschedule your wedding when you got engaged… Covid-19 has affected people in many ways. We want you to know we are with you during this time. We also wanted to give you some advice and encouragement from some of our Chapel couples who have also been affected by the pandemic. We hope their words of encouragement can help you get through this time and look forward to your future wedding! Here is what they had to say: 

God has a perfect plan for our lives and our marriage. We may not understand why things are happening right now, but we must trust in God’s plan no matter how hard it may seem. As long as we continue to have faith and trust in Him, He will see us through these hard times. I know when I finally get to walk down the aisle and marry the love of my life, it will be beautiful and the most cherished moment we have waited for.

  • Amanda, original wedding date March 28th

We have been focusing on Deuteronomy 31:8. For us, the encouragement has come from understanding the perspective. God is not fretting; the Covid-19 is not a surprise to Him. He is still in control. His Sovereign will always prevail. May we all be comforted by His daily presence and renew our intimacy with Him especially during these difficult days. To God be the glory during the peaks and in the middle of the valleys. 

  • Andre, original wedding date May 2nd 

After praying and talking to God and crying out being confused, as a bride if you’re struggling and you want something positive to look at, I think I’ve learned so much about myself and my relationship with my future husband. It’s so easy to get caught up in all of the little details of your big day that you forget the root of why you’re getting married and you tend to put the little things that matter to the side to focus on the big image. This time allows brides to sit and think about if it’s what they really want and if marrying the man they’re engaged too is really worth it even without all the attention and glam that comes with it. During this time, you get to spend more time focusing on your vows and your family, and you get to pray together. I want to encourage you with the fact that you’ll still be getting married to your dream man and start your life together and possibly celebrate later when everything is calm and you really get to enjoy yourself. 

  • Olivia, original wedding date May 17th 

I encourage all brides to focus on what’s most important- the wonderful partner God has blessed you with, and your family and friends staying safe. We had to postpone our wedding from March to October 2020. Yes it was daunting at first, however, a happy wedding where we can enjoy our guests without worries is something wonderful we have to look forward to through the Coronavirus quarantine.

  • Sonya, original wedding date March 28th 

Be so confident in God’s plan that you don’t even get upset anymore if things don’t go your way.

  • Jessica, original wedding date March 27th  

We definitely focused on staying in prayer to seek God’s will for our plan and decision making throughout the entire process. We focused on trying to stay positive and keep each other encouraged through the tough times, adjustments and decisions. We also focused on the marriage part and not the wedding. We had to adjust our wedding plans a lot to make it happen before the stay-at-home notice went into effect (literally 24 hours after hearing about the notice we were married in the woods with our immediate family) but we are still over the moon happy and excited on how it went and being married now!! It’s different for everyone but if couples can do a smaller ceremony with just immediate family in a backyard or on a nature trail or in a living room, then do it and have the big wedding later on if getting married on the date or close to is the goal. If not, and postponing is the decision made then just try to focus on each other and build your relationship as a couple through this hard time. Praying and building each other up, offering encouraging words and planning out plan B for your wedding is always an option too. It can still be a happy exciting time for the future. Just focus on the positives and blessings God has given you to get you through this time. We are praying for all the couples in this trying time!

  • Toni, original wedding date April 17th 

We definitely are not perfect and we are figuring this out day by day, but I think how we’ve managed to stay sane is to remember God is in control and at the end of the day it’s the marriage that matters. Stephen and I are so excited to get married in 11 days even though it was not what we thought it would be and we know that we will celebrate soon with our friends and family. 

  • Kellie, original wedding date April 24th 

The best advice I can give to a fellow bride dealing with the postponement of their wedding is to breathe, pray, and push forward. Everyone is on your side! All the family, friends, and most likely every single vendor that you’ve hired. Know that you’ve made the best decision for you and your spouse. 

Some couples will choose to get married in a smaller ceremony and have a reception later. That’s ok! Some will scrap the entire party and just elope. That’s ok too! We couldn’t imagine not being able to celebrate the way we had planned so we will just push it back to a date where we can still keep our entire team of amazing vendors. 

Remember that it’s ok to cry and grieve. If you choose to get married on your original date then still have your best day ever. If you decide to postpone then continue to do something special with your spouse (we still got together with some of the wedding party and just danced, cried, and laughed). Things will get better and the time will come to really celebrate!

  • Lakin, original wedding date March 21st

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