What is your Love Language?

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I’m sure you have heard this once or twice before, but maybe you haven’t read the book The 5 Love Languages or taken the love language quiz. In this blog, I will briefly share with you the five different love languages and what each of them mean. Then you and your boyfriend, fiancé, or husband can have fun discovering which one fits you best!

You might wonder, why is it important to know your love language?

The person you are with, you love them, right? Then why does it seem like you don’t understand each other’s needs? Why do you often get annoyed with each other over not feeling loved? Why does it feel like you’re not on the same page? We can get busy in our daily routines and forget to express our love to our spouse.

The most common problem in relationships is communication. Everyone receives love differently, especially a woman and a man. Discovering what your love language is will help you love your partner better, grow you both closer together, and resolve many communication conflicts.

So, here are the five love languages:

  1. Words of Affirmation

You want to hear through verbal words why your spouse loves and appreciates you.

  1. Acts of Service

You see love through thoughtful actions, like chores around the house or when your spouse puts away the laundry without you asking them to.

  1. Receiving Gifts

Surprise gifts like flowers is how you know your spouse is thinking about you.

  1. Physical Touch

You always want to hold hands and be near your spouse.

  1. Quality Time

Having uninterrupted time together is how you feel like you and your spouse are connected.

I encourage you to dive deeper into these love languages through the book The 5 Love Languages. Take the quiz on their website if you are having trouble knowing which love language is yours. It will deeply impact your relationship!

I know for me, my own love language was how I showed love to my husband back when we were just dating. But, that wasn’t his love language and that’s not how he best-received love. I had to learn how to love him through his love language even though it didn’t come natural to me. This was a game-changer for us! I finally felt like a good girlfriend. I was finally able to show him the love he deserved. Now, in our marriage, we know how the other person wants to be loved, and it honestly has helped us avoid so many of those miscommunication arguments.

Learn how to love your spouse better through their own love language and grow closer together than you thought possible!

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