4 Tips for Stress-Free Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding tips

Hello Bride-to-Be!

As a newly engaged lady, you might be getting a lot of advice thrown at you from your married friends, and some might include a couple horror stories about how stressful planning can be. With these four helpful tips, I have been able to stay stress-free throughout my ten months now of being engaged!

  1. Give yourself a long enough engagement!

 Don’t rush your engagement season, although I know it’s tempting… Give yourself enough time to plan the wedding of your dreams without stressing over short deadlines! I suggest waiting at least one year. Planning doesn’t truly start until ten months before your wedding day. Enjoy just being engaged and use this time to grow closer to your fiancé!

  1. Create a Wedding Calendar!

I created my own wedding calendar to keep my planning organized and give me a big picture of what my year looked like. I just used a notebook and wrote out each month leading up to my wedding day, and under it, I wrote down what wedding activities I had to get done in that month. (You can also use a planner!) This way every cake tasting, dress appointment, registry shopping outing has its own place and you don’t have to worry about missing something!

  1. Take it month-by-month!

 Try to focus on the current month you are in and don’t worry about the next month of things to do or the next, because that is what your wedding calendar is for! Allow yourself to be present and enjoy each new adventure that you and your fiancé encounter. Trust me, all the planning doesn’t seem so overwhelming when you just look at your checklist for the month you are in!

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Your bridal party and family are more than willing to help you, so don’t be afraid to reach out to them when you really need it! Make sure to lean on your fiancé as well, and try to include him in as many decisions as you can. He will feel appreciated and included, because it’s his big day too! If he doesn’t have an opinion about something, don’t think it’s because he doesn’t care. He trusts your judgment and knows you will make the right choice!

Your engagement season is such a sweet, special time with your fiancé that should be spent making memories and growing together. With these four helpful points, you can avoid the stress and plan the wedding you have always dreamed about! Now, grab your coffee mug and get started on your own wedding calendar!


With love,

Jess Steidl




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