Discover the Best Harborside Chapel Wedding for You


Planning your wedding is such an exciting time, but it can also be overwhelming.  Take this short quiz to find out which Harborside Chapel Wedding is the right choice for you.


How would you describe your decorating style?

  • A.) Dramatic and glamorous
  • B.) Classic and timeless
  • C.) Rustic and charming
  • D.) Simple is better


My go-to shoes are:

  • A.) Nude or black pumps
  • B.) Leather ankle booties
  • C.) Cowboy boots
  • D.) Flip flops or sandals


My dream reception would take place:

  • A.) Inside an elegant ballroom
  • B.) At the zoo or aquarium
  • C.) In a barn
  • D.) My backyard


My dream wedding gown is:

  • A.) Dramatic and embellished with beading
  • B.) Sleeved with a chapel train
  • C.) Bohemian and relaxed
  • D.) Comfortable, casual, yet classy


What would be your ideal morning for your wedding?

  • A.) Coffee with my bridesmaids in matching robe sets while getting pampered
  • B.) Hanging out at my favorite salon
  • C.) Sleeping in and trying not to be stressed
  • D.) DIY crafts! This girl is on a budget


Where would you get your bridal hair done?

  • A.) At the wedding location with my hairdresser. I want everyone to come to me.
  • B.) My favorite salon!
  • C.) My friend is the best at hair!
  • D.) I am doing it myself.


What is the most important part of your wedding?

  • A.) Location, location, location
  • B.) Photography
  • C.) The decor
  • D.) It’s all about the dress


What’s Your Perfect Harborside Chapel Wedding?

Tally your total A, B, C & D’s then follow the guide below.


Most of your answers were D

Beloved Wedding | 2 ½ hours

Having close friends and family around you is the most important part of your day.  You don’t need to break the bank to have the perfect wedding.  Your content to have your hair and makeup done at home or at your favorite salon, and just do limited photography at your wedding site.  You value the commitment of your marriage, but you don’t need something overly grandiose to make your dreams come true.


Most of your answers were B or C

 “I Do” Wedding | 4 hours

You gravitate toward classic and timeless details, and your wedding will be no different.  The motto of your big day is keep it chic and simple.  You’d enjoy a little extra time to share tea, coffee and light refreshments with your bridal party as you get dressed and ready together.  Having photographs taken on site of your wedding is an important part of the day because this is a day you never want to forget!


Most of your answers were A

Celebrate Wedding | 8 hours

You have dreamed of your happily ever after since you were a little girl. You are about to marry your prince!  This day is all about you, and you will enjoy being pampered in luxury, relaxing with your best girlfriends, being surrounded by beautiful and classic fairytale moments.  You want everything photographed, down to the smallest detail, so the memories of this day live on forever.  From the moment you wake up, until the time you say goodbye to your guests and ride off together into the sunset–this day is yours to celebrate!



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